Sunday, August 14, 2011

little things


- keeps his fingernails short on one hand to touch me softly, and longer on one hand so he can still play with my hair/scalp and tickle my back.

-always has hair elastics around his wrists for when i lose mine.

-will buy vegetarian food with his paycheck to paycheck budget, just so i can have something to eat at his house if i get hungry.

-keeps his freezer stocked with popsicles. he doesn't like them. i'm obsessed.

-once ran in to a store to buy me flip flops when i came to his house with no shoes on {which happens frequently} so that we could go out to a spur of the moment movie.

-once walked from his house to my car {near my house} with a can of gasoline at 3:30 in the am when i ran out of gas.

-lives over 6 miles away. does not have a car. walks or bikes to my house to come hang out with me. to and from. i offer to take him home, but it doesn't always work out. if i fall asleep during a movie, he kisses me on the forehead and treks home, no matter what the time. doesn't wake me up to take him home. doesn't get frustrated if he tried to wake me up and i hit him {i don't remember doing this...} and just does it.

little things,
some not so little,
make a huge difference.

i am loved.


  1. sounds like you have yourself a keeper. really.

  2. i agree with katrina.
    you are so loved.
    and your love makes me smile.

  3. yep. keeper for sure ayley. he sounds like the type of guy i only dream of.

  4. your blog is adorable :) happy I found it!

  5. why am i always the last to read your posts ayley? i second everyone else's comments but i'm not happy about it because for once i'd like to be the first person to tell you that your blog is awesome and adam is a sweetie and you have beautiful hair. whew. i feel better.

  6. and i had no clue you vegetarian! i should have noticed at cafe rio but did not.


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