Thursday, September 15, 2011

ten minute date challenge

lately adam and i
have been doing

the ten minute date challenge...

which we made up
and pretty much means,
on busy days
or boring days,
we will take ten minutes when we both have a break
and stuff a date in there.

ten minutes. no more. no less.

quickly throwing on a dress and having a mini prom outside.

ten minute techno dance party.

drinking soda through licorice straws outside of the grocery store.

I left early for work,
picked him up
and we buzzed through the mcd drive thru, parked in a parking lot and blasted "fakeplastictrees",
spooning fruit&yogurt into the other's mouth.

it's kind of fun being rushed.

now that summer is ending,
it's gonna require more creativity to get these in.

they don't call it a challenge fer nuthin.

here's the call for ACTION.
an invitation, if you will.

you should do it, too!

....then let us steal your ideas.


  1. just like on himym!!!
    i love that real people actually do it.
    one day, i'm definitely going to do this .

  2. oohhh how fun! you guys should....

    make a fort in the living room. you know like the good old days with blankets and flashlights.

    do a date that revolves around a letter. like if the letter was M then the mcdonalds run would be perfect. letter C. cupcakes or cookies maybe? and i hope you get letter L so you can watch lost.

    take a personality test online. maybe start with the which hogwarts character would you be test.

  3. and yes i just used hogwarts instead of harry potter because well, i don't know why. my brain is scattered right now. i guess being the fan i am saying hogwarts is basically the same as saying hp himself.


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