Friday, September 16, 2011

<< lovelovelove >>

this started out as a tweet, then a facebook status...
but it was too big
both in magnitude...
and the text/character limitations of both.

so here we go.

i'm issuing an official statement right now. start the presses.

i love life. i love this earth. i love the people who surround me. i love the way the seasons change. i love learning. i love breathing deeply. i love mistakes. i love my hyper puppy. i love nail polish and french toast and sequins. i love netflix marathons. i love my boyfriend. i love him even when he sweats and stinks. which is a lot. when we argue. when he makes fun of me. all the time. i love him. i feel safe in this life i am living... and yet not safe at all. like i'm on the verge of something great. it makes me uneasy and apprehensive.

and i love it.

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