Saturday, December 31, 2011

date #12

it must have been a dream where i thought i had posted this already. 
this very last date
involved giving.

we just collected things
and gave them.

we made cookies & gave them to neighbors.
we collected our words & called old friends.
we scrounged for change & deposited in red tins next to bell-ringers.

we just... gave.

and it was incredibly liberating and wonderful.

giving cures everything.
everything, i tell you.

we gave to each other.

i sat and doodled with him while watching superhero movies {not my favorite...}. we passed the paper back and forth, each adding only one detail. it's a rather crude depiction of a village of floating houses, but i like it :). {not pictured: crazy, smiling sun; tall, thorn-ridden flowers; & bumpy, ugly clouds. all drawn by me. not cute.}

side note: he used to draw all the time and doesn't anymore. lame, right? well, that same story can be told about me and just about every instrument i've played in life up to this point...

adam's gift to me that day was a manicure! i actually think he did a pretty good job not painting on my skin for a first timer.

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