Thursday, December 29, 2011

* c h r i s t m a s *

in pictures!

needless to say, we had such a good christmas.

sitting around in the family room talking about Christ & his life,
exchanging gifts,
getting books on being creative, a new lens, a fort kit, word games, cozy and oh-so sturdy boots, and plenty of things to make my life that much better,
new pajamas,
singing hymns,
playing just dance all day,
snuggling up with each other and just being together with my family
{even if it's making me super fat}
nothing compares.


  1. These pictures are delicious. I especially love the scrabble one. And bokeh is heavenly.

  2. picture number one is dreamy. your camera is on my wish list. i can't see them fully, but i'm willing to bet i love your matching sister pajamas. those snow boots are amazing and i seriously want a pair. and please tell me those scrabble peices of bananagrams.

  3. Oooh you have some good picture takin' talent lady!!


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