Thursday, December 29, 2011

tied up with string...

wrapping presents was definitely one of the major highlights of this year.
i might have flinched a little when watching how easy it was
to undo the pretty things we did on the gifts this year.
one tear and it was finished!

i'd also like to thank the good people of pinterest
for convincing me to buy brown paper
and adorn things with ribbons and bows and pretty papers!

i tried to fight it,
but pinterest was all "do it. do it, ayley. c'mon, just do it."
he can be so pushy sometimes!

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  1. you rocked the wrapping this year ayley. seriously. brown paper wrapping is my all time favorite. someday when i have my own house with kiddos running around they get nothing but brown paper. with lots of glitter and ribbons of course though!


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