Thursday, June 23, 2011

the boy who lives

i'm just counting down the days.

reading the first harry potter book when i was ten.
waiting for my hogwartz letter every day.
wanting to play hermione in the movies.
every time i was sick, listening to the books on cd as i fell asleep.
shedding that first tear while reading the books.
attending book premieres, midnight showings. sometimes alone.
buying my first wand.
attempting to learn spells.
hating my muggle shortcomings.
getting sorted into ravenclaw.
dressing up as harry potter for halloween, complete with my own traveling theme music.
dressing up as harry for no reason.
making tshirts, pins, bookmarks, doodles.
writing fan mail to jk rowling.
buying my first quill, ink, and parchment.
writing analysis papers for fan sites {true story}.
hiding under my desk in DC, locking the door, staying way past everyone else in the office, finishing the last book and bawling my eyes out.

denial that it's not real.
hope that one day i might meet snape, harry, ron, hermione.
maybe in another life.

it feels like they're out there
in some magical world i don't have access to.
harry potter will live forever
if even at least through me.

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