Tuesday, October 4, 2011

autumn, you can stay as long as you'd like

this past sunday,
we headed up to my aunt&uncle's cabin
for an "after conference" dinner.

it. was. heavenly.

i've certainly changed my tune about autumn.
summer is dying,
the leaves, the flowers, the grass...
the sun, the trees, the air...
all bowing their heads for autumn.

i cannot help but behold these changes...
all this death that surrounds me is so lovely.

there is such a peaceful buzz about this season.

we appreciate warmth and home.
we want to walk outdoors
and hold hands
in our warm coats and boots
and crunch on the leaves beneath us.
we settle into our little lives as our homes are swept up in crisp air and orange.

it's movement.
it's change.
and it is beautiful.

{as we were pulling out of the driveway,
my father asked if i brought my camera,
giving me the chance to quickly run and grab it.

i'm so so so glad i did. their property is amazing up there.}

stunning, no?

adam and i took a little walk around the area. on the way back, he pulled out a little pack of princess fruit snacks for me. even these little guys were into the autumn spirit. we giggled.

p.s. giveaway winner announced here!


  1. AYLEY. That cabin. Those quakies. All the YELLOW. This is a feast for my eyes.

  2. you are a good photographer ayley! you need to keep shooting.

  3. OH MY GOSH. picture number two? AMAAAAZZZIING. when i went on a fall drive with my mom i mentioned how pretty the white tree trunks are, especially with the yellow leaves. add a sun glare and walaaaa you have a pictuer perfect moment. and now to re-mention that photography post of yours.... you obviously need to stick with it. major talent ayley. maaajor talent.

  4. This is such a cute little post. I love the way your described autumn its so true. Also, where is this cabin? It looks so much like where mine is up by park city utah? is that where it is by chance?


    ps. wasn't President Monson adorable this conference?

    love this church.


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