Sunday, October 16, 2011

saturday night
{and i do mean night time... i ended up getting home around 4}
we had the opportunity to spend our time in slc to help out miss ashlee vilos with her awesome zombie music video.

who knew tearing your clothes and dumping fake blood on you could be so fun?

there was lots of dancing, zombie walking, sitting, zumba, trying to scare passersby from the 5th floor of a parking garage, and laughing.

the crew took us to DP cheesesteaks where we got free food.
always awesome.

lori higbee is amazing. i adore her. she has NO fear and is full of adventure. you would love her, too.
creepy, right?
it was awesome.

at some point in your life,
dress up like a zombie and dance.
it's cooler than you'd think.

{blog title alludes to the song we danced to}


  1. uhhh videos of the dancing pleaaasee oh please?! i want to see! i dream of dressing up like a zombie one year for halloween. maybe i'll make it happen this year seeing how my costume ideas are but few.


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