Sunday, November 6, 2011

warning! by reading this, you might get jealous of my life

this is a week in the life of ayley yasuko and people she loves dearly

1. mama's birthday dinner at rawtopia.
{all food is served raw and nothing is cooked over 104 degrees to keep it alive. all food is vegan & water is served at room temperature.}
coconut curry rice with a nut cracker
zucchini "pasta"
amaaazing mango smoothie
2. masquerade party in slc with transfusion hype.
i learned adam is an awkward dancer and it's hilarious.
despite the fact that i dance for a living every day, dancing socially in front of other people in that type of setting makes me cringe. i lamely spent most of the night in a chair. party pooper.

 annual johnson family halloween party.
puppy, hipster, mickey
every year, my grandfather prepares a "spook alley" in his basement. this was by far the most elaborate spook alley i ever did encounter. he had a script, loads of props, costumes, and nearly the whole family was involved.
 luckily my aunt got some pictures of the evening. i took some video, but it's completely dark and fuzzy. too bad. it was hilarious.

top left: some sort of cult madness in the backyard; top right: a completely brilliant bush costume that suddenly started running at me and grabbed me. it was quite frightening; bottom left: my cousin in a gorilla costume that terrorized us while we were locked in the garage; bottom right: some cousins in costume
my grandpa & uncle commenting on the gorilla picture on good old FB:
truer words...

halloween is also my mama's birthday!
double celebration full on. so intense.
{we're best friends if you know what i'm referring to}

carving pumpkins...

... and apples.

{ps my poor camera died halfway through the night and i cannot find my charger!
so sad.}

i wish i could have captured this:

my dad got a huge pumpkin spice torte for my mama. it's a birthday tradition to go outside and silly string the person to death. after we finished we came inside and the cake was gone... but there was a certain brown dog with whipped cream all over his nose....

1. completed & the pinterest challenge!

technically finished this on monday, but didn't clean up after myself until tues. and that's really when you're finished, no?

2. amy & zachary's wedding!
i've honestly never seen this girl look more beautiful in this lifetime.

weddings are right up there on my love list with family and dance. 
i would wedding crash for a living if i could. 

 we loved the simple details and the cozy little location.
it was so intimate and sweet.

aaaaand adam caught the garter.

we were sitting there just taking everything in and adam goes "woah, man". 
of course i say "what's wrong?"
he says, "i almost just started crying because i realized that my dad won't be there at my own wedding."
i started to try to comfort him {something i'm awful at}
when he said,
"i will just have my uncle give me away then."
and i couldn't stop laughing. 
he's such a dork. 

super long autumn walk!

adam met me up near my house when he had the day off
and we made a day out of taking a long autumn walk to his house,
where we made eggs and toast, watched scott pilgrim, and took a nap before i had to go to work.

it's days like these where you realize you're with someone cool,
when the sun seems brighter, the leaves seem crispier, and everything that comes out of his mouth is hilarious.
i'd take a long 7 mile walk every day, rain or shine, if it was with this kid.

adam kept saying i looked like the misfit girl in teen movies who goes against the crowd, writes for the school newspaper or has an after school radio show, and always shows up with some sarcastic remark on social constructs.

 i may have gotten a little too excited for this....

spent way too long in the seasonal section at every store i visited.

i realized i didn't even leave the fabric store with anything i went in there for because i got distracted by all the pretty garlands and smells of cinnamon.
{a few strangers may have subtly backed away when i accidentally let out a squeal at a pretty ornament...}

i went home and tried to get some work done for the bijou in a couple weeks,
let's face it,
this is much more entertaining.

a pretty little photography exhibit at the hive
courtesy of mr. jake garn.

as if i need to give more examples of adam's funny ways,
i was trying to find mr. garn in the exhibit
with no luck.

adam picked up one of his business cards and asked
"do you think this number will go to a secretary or his cell phone?"
and proceeded to call him and wander around and look for the guy who answered the phone.
pretty clever, if you ask me.

adam and i fell in love with one of his prints,
but it was {get this} $250!

we loved it dearly.
we spent a good chunk of time telling the stories that the shot evoked and why it seemed so special to us.

we decided we would try to DIY,
but we kind of know that's impossible.
it was too lovely a shot.
we may have wandered in to pottery barn after this,
and may have admired all the cute little children's toys
and maybe we were the only grown-ups in that section.
what of it?

my life is kind of a fairytale.


  1. yep. jealous. want to live your life. your blog looks faaaab by the way. i adore the links on the left side. LOVE that your grandpa puts together a spook alley.

  2. HAHA I LOVE the bush costume. My brother has the same thing, I think it might be used as camouflage in the armed forces? Could be wrong--I crack up every time I see him in it.

    Also, did you do that crayon drip piece of art?! that is AMAZING!!! Wow, love love LOVE!


  3. i am jealous of your life. darling new look on the blog, you're amazing at everything my dear. dying to eat at rawtopia, thank you for introducing me. i was just thinking the other day how i wanted to start an all raw restaurant. i should've just called you. i should've known you'd know. you are so incredible ayley! love adam and his hilariousness. i was totally going to do the crayon pinterest art project but didn't. and adam nailed the movie character perfectly with that outfit.

  4. OMG! Your life is all sorts of awesome! OH and I love how you guys have an annual Halloween party with the fam, that is great! =)

  5. (1) I LOVE the masquerade party idea.
    (2) love how your Pinterest challenge turned out. It's gorgeous.

  6. cool blog dude. i think i might just have to keep coming by.

  7. raw or not, looks yummy to me.

  8. These are great photos! How funny - my brother wore a similar gorilla costume for Halloween. It totally freaked out our dogs. That pumpkin is amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you come back soon. :)

    ~ Angela

  9. i've been wanting to tell you how jealous of your life i've been for ages.
    i love all the pictures. i love your family. i love your blog. i love the spook alley. i love your pictures. i love you.
    too much? it's okay, there's no such thing as too much love.

  10. i totally want your Pininterest crayon drip on my wall! I love it!


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