Saturday, April 23, 2011

we love justin hackworth

thank you so so so much, justin, for letting us be a part of your project!

here are some of my mom's thoughts on the matter:

"Justin- thank you for the awesome time in your studio. I said to my daughters how amazing I think you are. To get my mother, the cheesehead, relaxed and comfortable while having her picture taken is a miracle. She didn’t remember why we were there, I reminded her again when we arrived and boy was she angry! “I have never taken a good picture in my life! I hate having my picture taken!” You made us all feel so at ease and confident. There was such a lovely feeling during this shoot; calm and peaceful, which is a rare thing in many people’s hectic lives. I will always remember that 60 minutes and how we felt, how my daughters were, and how my mother was. With my mother’s Alzheimer’s there are few moments that she is so animated. Thank you for preserving those moments."  – Bobbi Johnson

justie-poo. we love you.

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