Thursday, March 17, 2011

we so excited

i cannot get this song out of my head! srsly!
even though it is the woooorssst thing ever.
i have the "black plague".

10 things i learned from rebecca black:

1. everybody's looking forward to the weekend
2. it is common for 13 year olds to have friends able to drive
3. "i got this", and "now i know it".
4. thursday comes before friday, saturday is next, and sunday comes afterwards
5. a healthy dose of auto-tune really helps a gal out
6. deciding where to sit in a car = a seriously difficult decision. even when some seats are clearly occupied, any seat is an option.
7. fun. fun. fun. fun. i know what it is.
8. sunday (-_-)
    monday (-_-)
    tuesday (-_-)
    wednesday (-_-)
    thursday (-_-)
    friday .... !!!!!! d[^o^]b !!!!!
9. we we we so excited. we so excited. we gonna have a ball today.
10. a completely stupid song can end up being the catchiest darn thing i've heard all week.

so without further ado,
here is fryeeday
by rebecca black.

p.s. hey, random rapguy. happy career and many returns.


  1. bahaha! i could NOT for the life of me stop singing that song all last week, but ESPECIALLY on friday! i'm so glad someone can recognize it's catchiness. my friends keep saying "it's too bad to be catchy! blah blah blah." and i have to reply "yes, but did you watch it just once and already have [at least] three phrases memorized?" their silence was answer enough for me.

  2. i love this. i can't believe i somehow missed this post.


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