Thursday, March 17, 2011

adventure is out there

those who know me,
know i loooove this movie.
i love being an explorer.
i love having adventures.
i love love.
i love dogs.
i love balloons.
i love chubby asian children in scout uniforms!

this movie is fantastic.
top 5 definitely.

it took me a very, very long time to see it.
oh yeah, i went with my family to the midnight premiere when it came out,
but i was so sick that i moved to my own row in the theatre, put all the arm rests up, and fell asleep.

there was a day when the straw broke the camel's back
and i just wanted to give up.
i cried and cried.
out of NOWHERE i thought of this movie and how i haven't seen it.
i had a bath and rested my laptop on the sink in the bathroom.
good ol netflix had this movie streaming, just ready to go.

talk about a movie to watch when you're feeling hopeless.
it was a magnificent transition of desperate tears to happy tears.

there are huge adventures in life.
sky diving, safari, rock climbing {though this movie made me a little wary of that last one}.
there are adventures to be had.
but the humble things we do in our everyday life are the real adventures.

every moment of your life is a chance to do something beautiful and amazing.
make an event out of everything you do.

yesterday i watched this brilliant movie again.
today i was an adventurer.
... put a PB smiley face on my toast this morning
... pretended to have an argument with my dog
... tried on an amazing $300+ dress with no intention of purchasing
... dropped over 50 folded up pieces of paper around a store, all with the same invitation to the discoverer: "love yourself today, for you are a miracle"
... planted plastic flowers in a stranger's yard
... spelled the names of the beatles members with my lunch
... called an old friend
... received and wrote some post cards to strangers {via here. i love getting them in the mail!}
... rode in my amazing car with the top down, before it rained that is...
... talked with my grandmother about her favorite old movies {she's a big cary grant fan. we have that in common}
... went for a walk alone in the rain
... spent time crafting with red glitter {more on that later}
... day dreamed about the future.

and guess what?
these things probably only took about TWO HOURS of my life TOPS.
that left me 22 hours of march 16th left to do whatever i wanted. 
so simple.
and it's the simple things that give life meaning...
that might sound boring, but i think the boring stuff is the stuff i remember the most. 
those little "boring", "every day" things that become memorable and momentous just because they are part of your life.

every thing you do... it's a chance to be great,
something to log in your adventure book.

adventure is out there.

ohhhhhh and while we're on the subject of this movie... i want to share something that has stayed in my mind since the first time i saw it on this blog last year.
i. love. it.
i want to steal their idea.

up + love/marriage = ayley wants to cry when these pictures come into view.
i mean... an ellie badge??
people be mahvelous.

today, i had an adventure.
now, go have one of your own.

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  1. I love this movie too. It is such a sweet movie. I especially love watching this movie with Logan. He thinks its the funniest ever and often quotes it. My moms copy got ruined he watched it so much. Very good movie!


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