Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"sometimes i wonder if love is worth fighting for, but then i remember your face and i'm ready for war"

i got home friday from vaca.
the moment i woke up that day,
i jumped out of bed {literally}
and began packing.

i am positive that morning i was so annoying to be around,
because i was bugging everyone to pack their things,
asking what i could do to help,
figuring out how to get things amovin'.

i just wanted to go home
to this guy.
i know.
too much puppy cuteness.

oh, and i couldn't wait to see my other favorite black boy.

okay, a lot.
i really missed the man.
the moment i woke up that day,
i began texting him "let's go on a date tonight." "what do you want to do tonight? i want to go on a date." "let's go on a date, playa."
which was NOT realistic after the long drive,
but i wanted to do it before real life started again.

normally i would have just laid in my bed and tried hugging all my pillows, blankets, and my mattress as best i can.

this time i just wanted to hug adam.

and he looked thuperduper great so we HAD to go out.
i'm notoriously impatient when it comes to these things.

we drove up to park city
and ate from subway and mcdonalds.
reeeaaaal swanky.

i had no idea tuna and jalapenos would be so good together.

adam talks the whole time i take pictures

by the end of the night i felt like i was on drugs,
i was so happy.
the simplest of things with the guy light up my world.


the moment i woke up the next day,
i couldn't wait to see him again.

so i didn't.


  1. this makes me so happy for you ayley. so happy. love is so good. and that's coming from a girl who hasn't even experienced being in love. but let me say this, your love for him is beautiful. i sure love love.

  2. ain't nothing better than a sundae from don's and a man at your side. i wanted to like all of these pictures on facebook, but at the risk of seeming stalkerish, i thought i'd just wait for you to blog about them so i could LOVE them in bulk.

  3. i love brissa's comment ahahaha. she's so hilarious.

    but originally i pulled up this page to comment on how much i love this post. i love your outspoken love for adam.


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