Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i am closer to the clouds up here

today i am reminded of one of my favorite projects.
i cried when i first heard about it.
it's so beautiful.

one of the spokespeople just so happens to be the lovely miss demi lovato.
that poor girl has been through so much in the last 2 years,
only to come out on top.

people comment on how she has lost her fame, her bff, her record deal.
but she found herself.
she fought back against those
inner demons,
against pressure,
against silence.

i adore the girl.

people from all over the world submit photos of them declaring that love is louder.
love is the loudest thing in this world.
louder than the pressure to be perfect, insecurities, bullying, hate, temptations, belittling, fear.

love is so loud, so powerful, so full.
love is the answer.

love. is. so. loud.

days like this, i keep wanting to tweet on how difficult life can be.

i had a good two hours of crying and pits of the stomach.
now i just need to be strong,
which is so hard.

it's been a long time coming
but it really hit me today.

it's taking me everything i have not to verbally stand up for myself and people that i love,
but that wouldn't do anything at this point,
but make it worse.

this is more for me than anyone else,
because i seriously need to say it as many times as i can.
until it really sinks in.

surround yourself with people that uplift you.

i. cannot. emphasize. this. enough.

you may have to coexist with these people,
but you do not need to surround yourself or give attention to the bullying.

no one that you look up to has ever let themselves be victimized.
people did not understand dr. king.
people laughed at gandhi.
people murdered a lot of my heroes.

they would not be heroes to me if they let the haters get to them.
i would not have even heard of them if they were like this.

these people don't know what they're talking about.
neither do you.

do not let them permeate the barrier and get to you like you have this whole morning.
do not cry and be hurt.
it's not real.
it will go away.


Christ faced things much worse than this.
your hero dr. frankl experienced hell compared to this.
think about people who are lifting you up.
people who celebrate you.

be a better person because of this.

resolve this with love.
love is louder than this.

bullying is real.
i know.

love is the answer! 
stay high. grow stronger. have love.

my favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite book helps me every day of my life.
people can take everything you have,
they can break your plans,
they can stomp on your dreams until you are walking on shattered glass alone in a world you do not recognize,
they can stand over you and watch you squirm,
or they can marvel at you getting back on your feet.

they can take everything,
but they can never steal your spirit.
they can NEVER take your attitude.

no one else determines how high your chin is.
the only thing you can change is how you choose to deal with things.

be a skyscraper.

pray every night for the hearts of those who wish to see you fall
that they may be softened.
pray for confidence.
pray for strength.
pray for my poor sisters!!

just pray for love
because love is louder.

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    i was going to post skyscraper tomorrow. it's like you're reading my mind.
    but it's true. love is louder than everything. i should probably keep that in mind.


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