Sunday, July 10, 2011

i'm a bird

i told adam of my love for birds,
my desire to fly,
to have wings.
to be free like a birdie.

birds are beautiful.
they chirp in the mornings,
they perch on branches,
their little spirits fly above the rest of the world.

they sing simply because the sky is blue,
the flowers are blooming,
the sun is rising.

they sing because they are alive.

in another life i was a bird.

i told him how i want to be a bird.
he said,
"be one, then."
and called me "sparrow". 

so now,
i'm a bird.


  1. i share with in this ayley. really! we were birds.

  2. sometimes i let the words you write soothe me. then i start to dream.
    i want to be a bird too.


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