Thursday, October 13, 2011

elder jordan sumner is home

one of the most important people in my life came home from his mission today.

i love this kid.

it was hard to hold back the tears as he came out of the terminal.
i am so proud of him.
he is such an amazing person.

words cannot express how much i love and respect him.

as you can imagine,
there was lots of hugging,
lots of smiling,
a little awkwardness,
and a surreal quality to the whole thing.

i kind of intruded on the intimacy of people hugging and welcoming jordan back,
and i'm sure people were like "whaaaat is this girl doing taking a picture of me hugging jordan?"
moments like this are too great to leave the camera hanging around my neck.

get ready for some pictures,
all of which i'm kind of in love with.

they crossed the little security line to run and hug him
hug for bobbi

hug for grandma

for hannah

for mom. {lots of swift hugging going on}
for grandpa

jordan kept making this ^ face saying "this doesn't even feel real", "this is so surreal", "this is a daze". he was just so overwhelmed. i can only imagine.

 jordan left when aiden was only a few months old, who is now (you guessed it) two years old. they were instant buds. it was so sweet.

mother & son. so sweet.

watching amanda's excitement for her twin brother's return was so, so special.

exchanging phone numbers with fellow missionaries

jordan is a son to my dad.

since my brother and jordan are 2 days apart,
jordan has been there with us for vacations, holidays, birthdays, dinners, sleepovers, random drop ins,
you name it.

my dad and jordan have a special relationship.
i cannot even explain the bond between them.
it's just very, very special.

he has been one of my best friends growing up,
and it is amazing seeing what this mission has done to him.

welcome home, jordan james sumner!


  1. these pictures are fabulous ayley. i especially love that last one of the tag. and the way you captured amanda's happiness is wonderful. ahhh i love the return of missionaries.

  2. yeah yeah yeah for missionaries!!! the pics are so tender. i love them. and i have that sweater. its bomb.


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