Tuesday, October 11, 2011


many of you know,
we planned a big party on 11/11/11
in honor of making wishes.

we decided to forgo this idea.

tragic, i know.

we are asking everyone we love to participate in making wishes come true in their daily lives.

11/11/11 is one month away.
each day,
make at least one person's wish come true
through acts of kindness.

do as best you can.

if you so wish,
you may plan to participate in the granting of a larger wish on the eleventh of november,
through food drives,
donation of clothes,
temple service,
reading books to children in the hospital,
various volunteer work,

if you would like,
document your month spent as a fairy godmother in whatever way you wish.
i would absolutely love to hear about it.

in addition to this,
and staying with the theme of "wishing",
please consider donating to the water project,
to sponsor a well for people in africa praying for clean, accessible water.

we spend too much of our time in decadence.
consciously perform service in your lives.
make an effort to shine your own light onto others.

please spread this idea to those you love.
the more love, service, and kindness we can spread in the world,
the better.

keep wishing on eyelashes, ladybugs, clock numbers, birthday candles, shooting stars.

we all have the power to perform magic.

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  1. i am so inspired to make other people's wishes come true!


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