Thursday, December 12, 2013

we're on each other's team.

parts of our dc trip were very "throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care"
because we got to celebrate having each other in our lives for five whole years.
what? what?! yeah. five years. a blink of the eye in the grander scheme
but it's still 1,826 days
or 43,829 hours
or 261 weeks.
it feels amazing whatever way you slice it.

the formula for happiness (and i'm convinced this glee could be generalized worldwide...)
can be found in the way adam reid says "strength" with his east coast accent
and how he smacks his lips a la jim halpert when he thinks something is too silly for words,
not to mention the way he says "hello, my wife" nearly every night when he comes through the door.

we dined at one of our favorite restaurants, founding farmer's, that night
and shared a few of our favorite memories
and a few things each of us are looking forward to in the coming years:
homes, babies, a kitten, wrinkles, christmases... all the good stuff, not necessarily in that order
(though, it's a safe bet to put babies before wrinkles, but who knows what the future holds).
we clinked glasses to all the winters we've made it through together,
and maybe asked the waitress too many questions about how they made our food.

[it's a joke how unhappy adam looks in pictures, but he keeps telling me he goes for a GQ look. i don't get it?]

i'm practically banging my metaphorical knife and fork on the table, shouting "more! more!"
in anticipation of the coming years.
i could just eat my husband up.
i know the best is yet to come
and the thing is that i don't quite know how it could be better
but i simply know it will
in the way cheese and fine wine goes 'n stuff.
i wish this life were a book and i could peek ahead to the ending
to see what our children will be like
and what adam looks like with greying hair
and where we will end up
but i know i have to live it
and while i wish i could see our beautiful story ahead of time
you won't be hearing any "are we there yet"s from me.

for now i will relish in all the i love yous and the sight of my snowy husband walking in the door each night with a big ole grin, often bearing popsicles or the guava nectar i love so much
and take mental snapshots
for our "remember when...?" days in twenty or so years.

oh, husband.
i love you with all that i have.



  1. how exciting! i am so glad for you in all of your anticipation for the future. i feel a very similar anticpation! I just can't hold it back! it makes me giddy.


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