Wednesday, December 11, 2013

jiggity jig.

we are backity back back in utah
and i wish it felt just a little bit better than it does to be here.
it gets harder and harder every time to leave that place!
i considered nailing my feet to the cobblestones around georgetown, in a very non-facetious way.
the trip was too quick for my liking.

it was the first time we had seen adam's family since getting married (!)
and we spent so much time at his mama's humble abode,
exploring the places of his childhood and young adulthood
and listening to family stories.
i laugh typing this,
but it was so fun uncovering the origins of the little quirks my husband possesses
like his love for seafood
or the way he always tilts his chin downward whenever he asks me a question
or his knowledge of all songs that might be played in grocery stores or elevators.
it's like solving a mystery
one clue at a time to who my husband is and once was.

it's also worth noting that i'm still getting used to this whole in-law thing.
does it get more natural? probably. hopefully. why am i such a dud?

in keeping with this tradition,
adam photographed my sick self in the same spot this trip
and, yeah, i think every time we are back in that spot i'm going to feel like a different person
but there is always that constant pulse,
the one that wonders how two places so very far from one another
can feel like home at the same time.

it's so good to be back with my little bruno
whom i missed terribly
and it's good to get a hefty dose of reality after that refreshing weekend inhale.

please note the person in the background of that photo sporting a santa hat just because it's december.
that right there was a day-maker.


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  1. they fixed the spot on the pillar behind you! lol and the 2010 one of you gets me. you are sooooooo much more grown up since then! how three years can change things!


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