Thursday, December 5, 2013


[ayley + adam in dc circa 2012. i change my hair a lot.]

remember those boarding passes i mentioned?
well, today we are finally hopping that plane!
it feels like i've had to wait forever for this day to come.

also, today marks 5 years of having adam's love in my life,
so it's pretty special to be able galavant in the land where it all began today.

i was browsing old photos on my computer from our trip last year
and got all sorts of excited.
this round, we have a new little nephew we get to meet
and all sorts of christmas-y things to look forward to.
if that wasn't enough,
the forecast promises it will be an up to 30 degrees warmer weekend than here in utah.



  1. Have the most wonderful trip! I love looking back at old photos of my love and I. It's so nice to know that while the hair styles, the jobs, and the wardrobes have changed, the love still remains

  2. how fun! I love looking back at old photos. Such good memories and conversations spring to life.


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