Monday, December 16, 2013

a few holiday goals.

am i the only one scampering around trying to prepare for the holidays?
with my last final being the 20th, i found myself with less time than ever to get into the spirit of the season.

here are a few yuletide things i hope to enjoy over the next week and a half (!):

+ wrapping presents. we are lucky enough to have most of our shopping done, thanks to adam. i love this paper and these homemade gift wrap ideas.
+ seeing the lights at temple square and getting hot cocoa with my love.
+ kissing the husband under mistletoe.
+ pie baking. specifically this one.
+ drinking as much of starbuck's caramel apple spice as my belly can handle.
+ sporting a christmas vest. yes, i said vest. before you try to talk me out of it, it's in my closet waiting to be draped over my shoulders.
+ cuddling and watching it's a wonderful life and meet me in st. louis. the latter is obviously for this.
+ completing a service project. we are almost done! if you live in utah, check it out here.
+ holding hands with my husband and taking a walk with our bruno around the neighborhood to see the lights.
+ making a christmassy garland or two with my mama and sisters while we listen to carols. while, we are at it, maybe a batch of cookies or two.

what's on your list this season? christmas is so very soon!



  1. It's a Wonderful Life! Can't have Christmas without that one.

  2. This list is what Christmas is made of!!! I LOOOVE It's A Wonderful Life. We've done a few things (watching the aforementioned film, Christmas Vacation, decorated, etc.) we're looking forward to drinking more hot chocolate, listening to more Christmas songs and mostly holding a babyyyy.


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