Thursday, December 19, 2013

a couple o' grainy iphone pics + words.

if i could write a whole post of this:
"christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas! christmas!"
i would.
i'm saving that outburst for verbal encounters with my loved ones.
you're welcome. 

i am so, so excited for christmas.
the day we got our veryfirstgrownupmarriedcouplewithourownhouse tree, i kept clapping my hands together and sighing. adam kept poking fun at it, tilting his head ever so slightly when he mimicked me
and telling me that it was like looking at a seven year old version of his wife. and he liked it.
i told him to stop being creepy,
but i imagine it's true.
it's just the way christmas makes you feel.

i am so blessed to say that one of the most difficult problems i have right now
is that i am terrible at keeping secrets
and i simply do NOT know how i will wait until christmas day to give adam his presents. it's hard.
i almost spilled the beans this morning. and about 10 minutes after that. and during my lunch break.
and on the phone a few hours ago. and... probably later this evening several times over dinner.

i am so blessed that i have enough to be able to give the excess i have to people who sorely need it.

i am so blessed to be married to adam
and to have such wonderful sisters
and parents
and in-laws
and i am so blessed to be able to celebrate all of this light in my life during this season.

first things first.
can anyone recommend some duct tape that won't hurt when you rip it off, say, bare lips?
asking for a friend.



  1. I am super excited for Christmas too!!! : D That is funny I have had a hard time with not telling my husband what he is getting! lol.

  2. I'm just beginning to get excited about Christmas, but now that I am, I'm right there with you, shouting it from the rooftops lol. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I've been looking around at yours and I really love it, now following you :) Happy holidays love!


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