Monday, December 23, 2013

dc at christmas time.

while we were in dc, we spent most of our time with family,
but we got out to do a few christmassy and otherwise delightful things together.
we snapped only a few (sometimes blurry) photos around town
because our limbs were mostly occupied in hand holding and pointing at beautiful things.
christmas time is the best time to be just about anywhere, i think.

(side note: i think adam looks so much like a bob cratchet-y character in the photo above and it makes me happy.)

[i feel like they must have laughing gas coming up from the streets because i'm always so happy here!]

[the reason i reconsidered vegetarianism right here.]

[where i used to live!]

[the cutest little pie shop called pie sisters. a shop with pies and pies only. what a novel idea.]
[decorations on all the federal buildings.]

adam told me that even though he grew up in dc,
he had never ever seen the national christmas tree!
so we had to jump over there.
i wish i had gotten better pictures of the area
because there were so many model train sets chugging along around the base of the tree.
i have never seen anything so magical.
well, lies.
the kiddos that were there just marveling at the trains topped the trains themselves.
i'm fairly certain that is what santa's workshop must feel like. ;)


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