Tuesday, December 24, 2013

because we didn't send out a card this year.

here is husband's choice for our christmas card picture this year.
if adam had his way, all of the pictures i ever posted would resemble this one.
too bad that i like seeing your face too much to do that, eh adam?

have a very lovely holiday!

a few pro tips, or rather, a few things i need to remind myself to do this holiday:
+ hum christmas songs at every chance. loudly.
+ forget anything anyone has ever told you about calories.
+ give everyone an unforgettable hug. or squeeze people so hard they can't breathe. whatever suits ya.
+ just don't even try to unwrap presents nicely. rip em. get fierce. 
+ remember you don't need mistletoe to get a-kissin'. a good ole kiss on the cheek does a body good, for both parties involved. 

i will be spending the blessed day with these lovely people...

i've got a gut feeling that this might be the best christmas yet,
given that it's a guaranteed white one
and i am married to a wonderful husband
and i have some of the most marvelous people to share the holidays with.

merry merry merry christmas!



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