Wednesday, October 9, 2013

our bridals.

here they are!
more evidence that i was once a bride & adam was a groom,
white dress, grey suit 'n all.

i'm so pleased to be sharing them!

[adam just really likes my forehead.]

my dress was handmade by laurie of muse clothing (whom i would highly recommend. she was so patient with all the many design changes i sent her and went above and beyond to make sure it was just perfect!),
my belt was from anthropologie,
my gloves were a very last minute vintage find from decades in salt lake city,
and earrings were a gift from my mother.

my mama also made my bouquet from some wild, red roses. i told her i wanted something classic with a wild-hearted twist and she delivered something perfect and simple. she's a talented woman, that one.

adam's suit is some combination of custom italian suits that was constructed and altered to his liking. the rest of the ensemble is from jos. a. bank.

be sure to leave our photographer, brooke schultz, some sugar!
more of our wedding to come! woo!

p.s. i love my husband.



  1. Absolutely love the details on your dress! My wedding was mostly handmade as well :) the setting of your photos was perfect!

  2. AH. This is amazing. You guys are perfection, you beauties, you.

  3. I adore your guys' style! So adorable.

  4. So beautiful! You are a stunning bride and Adam a dapper groom!

  5. So lovely! You look so beautiful and your dress is amazing!!

  6. Such gorgeous photos! And the dress is absolutely stunning!

  7. i will never, ever get over how absolutely perfect your dress was/is. i am 100% in love with it. and these pictures, you guuuuys! i hope you print them all out and plaster them all over your walls. they're art.

  8. SO beautiful! Your dress is just perfect and I LOVE your hair. And you two are totally adorable. I've thought so for a while but I've never commented haha I'm such a creep. Anyways this was too perfect to not comment on :]


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