Saturday, October 12, 2013

a tall drink of water and it's aaall mine.

infinitely better than a lifetime of good haircuts, all the ways you can use almond extract in a cookie, and a third-day-and-still-intact manicure. even more thrilling than any roller coaster or a big bite of deliciously spicy food. better than curry tastes and hot baths feel...

even more elusive than a single bobby pin on a bad hair day, a fugitive on the run, or even a horrendous snowstorm in oahu...

and definitely feels better than a chill glass of ice water on the hottest day of the calendar year...

this is the sound of a saturday evening off. we bought a bag of cheetos and, well, we intend to party.
stay beautiful out there, World. we won't see you for a whole evening and we like it that way!
i want to kiss the clock each time it ticks because i feel like i never see it hit those beautiful numbers while i'm home!
like, ever!

and to my sister who is likely looking at that picture and cringing,
you buy me a comb or just deal with those unruly brows of mine!

in true, tiny tim fashion...
happy weekending, everyone. 



  1. this post is so true. weekends at home alone are the best eeeever. also i originally came to your blog to enact a new rule that you have to post every sunday no take backs. dealsies. for realsies.

  2. ahhh that sounds so good right now. ice water, man.

  3. So poetic! The most perfect description of a weekend evening in.


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