Monday, October 14, 2013

our wedding pt. 1.

they can tell you that your wedding day is surreal until they're blue in the face
but you will never really know until it comes
and it feels like everything they told you it would be and more
because it's yours.

our wedding followed a night of sleeplessness spent with my future husband and family
just talking, sharing music, finishing my veil, crying and hugging a lot, and hearing the question
"how do you feel?" over and over
and never really knowing how to answer.

it started about an hour late
because i spent entirely too long trying to help everyone get the chairs set up
and put the ceremony site together
so i left to get ready with my sisters much later than expected.

that feeling of putting those gloves on for the last time in the car on the way to meet my husband and loved ones
while sipping starbucks tea, having a dance party, and listening to sleeping at last...
that overwhelming blanket of calm and euphoria is something i will never forget.
i was on the way to be married to adam reid and it felt so natural and perfect
that i couldn't possibly have felt anything else but peace.

the moment i stood at the end of that bridge we deemed the aisle,
the bridge in that very park we walked barefoot over on our very first date in utah,
where i now walked barefoot with both my parents
in the beautiful month of july,
toward our bishop,
and toward adam
who was emotional beyond words
was incomparable
and what i imagine heaven must be like...
feeling light as a feather and overwhelmed with the purest sort of love that you want to bottle and carry with you wherever you go.

i cannot possibly gush any further
because attempting to describe it would be a disservice to what was felt that morning.

perfect as a word has been devalued by hyperbole,
that morning
was the perfect morning.
i have the greatest family, friends, and husband a girl could ask for.

and i mean... that kiss just proves adam has a flair for the dramatic, am i right? :)

all photos by brooke schultz.
basically everything was borrowed, handmade, or procured by myself, my husband, our groomsmen + bridesmaids, and my amazing family,
which made it all the more meaningful.
humbling, to say the least.

i can't wait to share the rest,
especially the beautiful faces of the people who made it all happen!
oh, love.
is anything sweeter?

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  1. this seriously brought tears to my eyes. this is what every girl dreams about. the fact that you walked barefoot.. i have no idea why, but that is the most beautiful thing i have ever heard of. this is so beautiful. my heart is full reading this post.

  2. i really like that you borrowed/handmade most everything. it adds such a personal detail to the wedding that you are your groom (especially) can share. also, loving the blankets with pillows for the little ones in the wedding party to sit (wait, that IS what it was for, yes?) anyways, I am SO going to do that!


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