Monday, October 7, 2013

i wish.

i wish i could eat popsicles at every meal. specifically ones found at gas stations. and even more specifically, these ones.

i wish my hair would cooperate more like it is today. i like these strands when they form an alliance rather than being so free-spirited. well, i suppose i like them all the time, but it sure is easier to fake being put-together when your hair is cooperating.

i wish wednesday would hurry up and get here.

i wish i spoke like grace kelly. her sweet voice and poised demeanor are somethings i so sorely lack. it's a new goal of mine. i mean, listen to her!

i wish nightmares would stay away for a while. just for a while. i need a breather.

i wish i'd embraced the beauty of listening to music for leisure with headphones in. "ayley the dance teacher" rarely listens to music for the joy of it. music can become work so quickly. it's so soothing.

and i wish my husband would hurry home from work tonight. crossing my fingers that happens. i need me some serious cuddle time.



  1. i love those popsicles too! Love your images as well

  2. uhhh...those popsicles look out of this world good.
    can i float the way grace does when she walks? i mean, look at that posture!


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