Friday, October 4, 2013

short stories.

i put miniature m&m's in my oatmeal this morning. it wasn't even very good, yet i ate the whole thing. for the thrill of it. and it made me realize more things should be done for the thrill of it, even when they're half baked ideas. "thrill" is a word i'd like to encounter more often in this life.

i don't particularly love autumn. i don't love boots and scarves, nor does my heart go all aflutter when i step into the crisp air. i do love to look at it, however. and while i look at it, i have the milk carton kids to aid the process, and that's making my summer-lovin' heart turn like the leaves day by day.

speaking of summer, adam & i have been dying to see this film since hearing about it last year at sundance. my brother, cousins, & i tried to build an all-too-legitimate, secret clubhouse one summer after reading the entire boxcar children series and i still get misty eyed when i drive past the spot where it all went down. they make it all looks so sensational!

we have approximately four trips planned for the next six months, including our first road trip, and my excitement is palpable. you could spread it on toast. hello, open road & airports!

we picked up some spray cheese at the grocery store the other night. i have very few regrets about it. adam sensed that my taste buds were in need of some nostalgia. he was right. one bite and it was like all those family road trips and junk food nights in my mouth at once. thanks, spray cheese.



  1. Yes yes yes to the Kings of Summer!! It's on our must watch asap list.

  2. I adore this more than random post. It makes me feel like I'm not so weird after all! LOL! Oh and YAY for plans of adventure!

  3. spray cheese. omgosh you just brought my childhood to life again. thnx4that.

    also, totes jelly of your FOUR trips!


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