Monday, September 30, 2013

before i knew you.

low light iphone photo brought to you by last weekend ;)

before i knew you, i never would have ordered the spiciest thing on the menu,
never would have watched any zombie movies,
and i didn't know how to clear out those pesky hidden files on my laptop.

before you knew me, you didn't know how to properly pronounce "espresso",
never would have upgraded to an unlimited texting plan,
and you folded towels in that weird, blanket way instead of in thirds.

it's funny to think of who we were without each other,
and the little things that have changed because we fell i love.

i hope to realize more and more of who i am now because of you, adam reid.



  1. Cute! It's crazy to think how our significant others mold us in different ways. Awesome!

  2. so precious! your blog is lovely!


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