Saturday, September 21, 2013

life happens and there's not a whole lot of time to revel in it.

life is moving so fast!
so, so fast!
just like that... we have lived in our home for 21 days
and nearly been married two months
and school has already been in session for a month
and it will soon be my half birthday
and it will soon be adam's 27th birthday....

i'm amazed at how quickly it's all passing.
i'm talkin' the "holy moly did that just happen?" and "is this real life?" brand of amazement
and i wish i had more time to enjoy these little milestones
but it seems like one happens in a flash
and it's time to move on to the next one
and, to top it all off, i feel like i'm forgetting something CONSTANTLY.

i'm taking all of this as a sign to slow down.
i need to say no to more things
and yes to the things that fulfill me in other ways than building a career reputation or filling my bank account.
right? that's so much more important!

i'm feeling so thankful for kelli and her rockstar blog
and the steve jobs quote she shared the other day:
"i'm as proud of what i say no to as i am of what i say yes to."

because of that notion,
i said no to something for what seemed like the first time
and they were completely understanding and okay with it!
what a concept!

i am looking forward to more time spent cleaning my house,
being a better wife to my husband (who hardly ever even sees me!)
being a better daughter to my parents (who see me even less...)
sister to my sisters
being a better student
and just being better to myself.

i am nearly dying on the inside
to finally get a second to sit down and enjoy our wedding photos
and really start to plan the layout of our house
and be better.
just.... better.

here's to saying no!

*photo by brooke schultz of our bridals and yes... it's on my list. :)


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  1. i'm listening to john mayer's stop this train as we speak. please. i'm with you on this.


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