Tuesday, September 24, 2013

it's a dog eat blinds world.

you are looking at a dog with real life goals...
one who is trying to tell us something
and we think that something is that he is trying to climb the "most feared dog in the whole apartment complex" ladder to the tippity-top.
how do we know?
let me tell you a tale!

this (terribly cute, normally so sweet, puppy dog eyed) devil is in the details...
like how not a single one of our neighbors will look us in the eye
(we assume it's because of his incessant, LOUD barking/crying/whining whenever we leave...)
or how our walls, doors, paint, and floors all have deep, deep scratches, (buh-bye deposit!!!)
or, my favorite, how we recently discovered our blinds
in the bathroom
in the highest window in the house
were chewed up (as in, all the way through that hard plastic)
and the windowsill scratched to bits.
yum! brand new blinds! what could be better?!

we assumed he was looking out the window and got his head stuck, getting frightened and doing what dogs do best.
poor guy.
oh, bruno.
bruno. bruno. bruno.

on the bright side*,
he has eaten all the ants and mosquitos from our apartment,
is an excellent foot warmer,
and, i mean, that face....!

oh, adjusting a young dog to a move.
heaven help us!
wish us luck on our many, many walks and new training programs!
and, i guess, pray bruno gets that award he so desperately desires...
i think he's a real contender.
maybe once he realizes he's #1 he will let up a bit.

(*the bright side is a much longer list than this, i assure you. we love this little part of our family!)


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  1. Be thankful you don't have carpet, our pup pulled up part of the carpet. It's worth mentioning that she only weighs 9 pounds. It's that darn separation anxiety. We turn on the radio when we leave so it's not too quiet, and give her access to her kennel, it seems to help! Your dog looks so sweet, it's definitely worth having them around, even though they are apartment murderers!


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