Tuesday, September 24, 2013

adios, kylee! and other things

on friday night,
all of these pretty people met at my friend brissa's (new!) house
to celebrate a few pregnancies
a few moves
and miss kylee leaving for a mission.

i love these people and i'm so glad to have them as friends
and i want to kick myself for not seeing them more often
since life is moving in different directions for us all!

katrina and brissa are going to have a couple of ridiculously cute babies,
kelli & jared are currently in san francisco and will be living in portland so jared can go to bike school
and kylee will be living in DC for the next 18 months
which is especially exciting because we can come visit her at the visitor's center on the DC temple grounds
because adam's family lives there
and we met there
and looooooooove it there
and we typically go there twice per year.

kylee, you're going to make such an awesome missionary
and i couldn't be happier to see you doing something so wonderful with your life!

cheers to good friends
and all the newness that is finding them!



  1. last blog post i'll read for 18 months! saw your snapchat and knew i had to read this before i was set apart and said adios to blogland for reals. LOVE YOU ALL! and especially love you for writing this little post ayley. so glad you're in my life and i hope i see you in DC!

  2. i love every time we all get together. it needs to happen more often.


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