Monday, July 1, 2013


one of my favorite things to do is put off doing anything related to my wedding reception
(because it's like... just a party and like doesn't have to be perfect and like... should i really care so much about little things?!)
and one of my favorite ways to do that is strolling the farmer's markets of the salt lake valley.

nothing puts a spring in my step like lively people and fresh food!

i've also come to realize how it's just not okay to forgo the little things you love in favor of other things...

like maybe you should spend extra time doing your hair even if it makes you late
because someone you don't even know might be all like "cute hair, girl!"

and maybe you should bring your SLR camera along even though lugging the bag is sort of a hassle
because it might make your heart sing the entire time you are snapping pictures

and maybe you should spend 5 extra minutes the night before picking out an impractical outfit
because it's just so cute and well worth the frequent readjusting all morning

or linger around that street performer even if you have somewhere to be
because you might end up buying their $5 cd and totally loving it

or spend just as much money on your happiness as you do on the necessities
'n stuff...

ok well um i have a goal to be more balanced and prepared to take care of the little things. it's so easy to forget. i don't advocate being late all the time just to curl your hair, ok? you know what i mean. anywayz...

i mean... i just love being alive in such a cheerful and spirited place.
thank you, you beautiful farmer's market you!!!
i had almost forgotten what summer felt like.

farmer's markets!
just make time for them, ok?



  1. i hate that i missed that june cookie. i think i'm going to convince my fam to go to the farmer's market either this week or next, always so much fun and the food, oh the food!

    i love your thoughts about the reception, because sometimes i find myself worrying about my future reception AND I'M NOT EVEN MARRIED AND I'M GOING ON A MISSION! it really is such a silly thing to fret over, because a wedding is SO much more than a pretty/successful/well-attended/creative wedding reception. despite everything i just said, i know yours will be effortlessly beautiful. and you as a bride??! holy moly, you will be breathtaking.


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