Friday, June 14, 2013

up in the air.

we don't know what we are doing. 
this is the one thing we are confident of. 

both of our jobs have been bought and are under new ownership. yes, at the same time. 
school funding hasn't gone as planned. 
we don't know where we are living
or what we are doing.
ask me if wedding planning is going well....

but there is a strange confidence that i feel undeserving of. 
logic dictates that i should be fearful and worried
but i'm not. 

we are in this strange place where we could pick up and leave it all
or grab on to what we have and make it work. 

it's exhilarating. 

when so much is up in the air
you can't help but feel like you're flying.


we're donning galoshes and waiting for the storm that will surely come in the next few months,
but for now
we're just enjoying a little rain. 



  1. OHMYGOSH. that picture is STUNNING. i love you guys and know that you two will rock marriage.

  2. i desperately wish you blogged more often


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