Wednesday, July 3, 2013

it seems like years since it's been here!

i love summer!
i love every gosh darn thing about it.

and that's all that i'm here to say.

so enjoy all the outdoor concert series,
the evening movies on the green lawns around your city,
the sunburns and freckles!

try to listen to this song. a lot. it's one of the sweetest songs ever written, no?
if you get a chance, make these popsicles (because blood oranges!!)
and definitely invest in a few pairs of these (can i have them in every color?!).

summer, i adore you
which is why i am getting married on a hot july day.
my summer of love. for reals.

(picture of the great salt lake this last weekend. it sure is dirty and bug-ridden but gosh, it's pretty!)



  1. BEAUTIFUL photo and text. i love this and want to go to antelope island just for the photos okay? also i might buy a skirt this exact cut and color deal wid it


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