Thursday, July 11, 2013

as if i needed another reason...

^ trying our "best" kim + kanye shot, but neither of us really knew what to do so we just look super dorky.
i don't care.
i love it.

we get married in two weeks
which is totally crazy
but not as crazy as i am about adam these days.

that dude just keeps giving me more reasons to love him!

how i wasn't really making a mental countdown of the exact days until our wedding, but any time we'd be together and someone would ask how many days it was until we seal the deal, adam would answer excitedly before they even finished the sentence.

and how adam emailed me with (genuine and serious!) concerns about my sunscreen needs on our honeymoon and looked up the top recommended brands, mentioning that sunburns weren't okay in any way, but he'd be okay if i got just a few more freckles. ;)

or how adam made absolutely certain i put "anti-humidity hair serum" on my honeymoon packing list, a detail i most definitely would have overlooked.

or how adam was bummed about us taking bridals days before our wedding because he wanted everyone to witness his unbridled emotional response to seeing me in my wedding dress because "everyone needs to know just how much i love you".

and how he says he has literally prayed to Jesus that our kids look more like me than him (and i hope for their sake the reverse happens!!).

how about how he said he would take a job he hated because he wants to see me work on creative freelance projects and make the world more beautiful (which i would never let him do!).

or how he has never made a single joke about getting married to me (which is amazing to me because he jokes about eeeverything) because it's "the single greatest thing he has ever done with his life".

two weeks until i never have to say good night to this person.
two weeks until it won't be weird if we like have kids 'n stuff. 
two weeks until i am a wife
and my life changes forever
and i'm terrified

while adam is as calm as can be, never wavering. not even for a moment. 

i love my husband. 



    I am so incredibly excited for the two of you.
    Marriage is the best.
    You two are adorable.
    Your love wraps me up in a cozy blanket and I never want to leave.

  2. I seriously just love you two! SO stinking cute <3

  3. If this just isn't the most perfect thing I've ever read.

  4. is it bad that i just sang "i don't care, i love it"? i'll be the first to admit that i love that song. TWO WEEKS?!!?!?!!?!! i am dying. so so excited for saturday and even more excited for your wedding! this is probably the best post i have ever read. ever. you two are my favorite.

  5. Ok, that sunscreen comment lit'rally made my insides explode with cuteness. I love you guys so dang much. I'm so so so so happy for you!!!

  6. amen to all of the above. you guys are somethin special.


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