Sunday, April 14, 2013

i'm so lucky.

i'm so lucky to have a guy whose favorite colors are basically pink and purple. and who wouldn't say it would be a "girly" thing to paint our kitchen cabinets pink. and who loves floral couches. and who doesn't say crap like "that's a girl thing" or "girls are dramatic" or "are you on your period?". and who looks at people as humans, yet appreciates the things that make us so uniquely different as men & women.

i'm so lucky to have a job that i love. i love teaching dance. i love it so! i love influencing young minds and teaching them the ins and outs of this art that i love. i love being able to walk into the studio and decide what i'm going to teach these young people right then and there. i love seeing them connect with movement and i am so proud to watch when they perform on stage.

i'm so lucky to have everything i could ever need, materially. for the last few christmases and birthdays it has been nearly impossible to find things i could ask people to give me. i feel so blessed to have things that it almost pains me to have to try to search for things that could possibly supplement my collection of possessions.

i'm so lucky to be in love.
i'm so lucky to be loved.
i'm so lucky to be where i am
and who i am.

the blue sky i've seen above my head these last few days has changed something in me.
i'm feeling more in love with my life than ever.

i am so blessed!

what makes you lucky?


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  1. all of it. i'm just way too blessed. i love this post


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