Monday, April 15, 2013

life in color: your favorite color when you don't even realize it.

i've been walking around telling people my favorite color is pink (specifically this shade)


one of my dancers pointed to my phone case and asked if it was my favorite color
because i can be found sporting it more often than not.

it was then i realized that i am completely drawn to that color.
most of the items of clothing i have purchased recently are that color,
my nails have been that color,
a new necklace is that color,
and i keep pinning images with that color in them

and i didn't even realize it!

i love that color
because it makes me feel like i want to be more of who i am.
it makes me feel so happy!

because it's spring,
i've also been attracted to lilac/lavender.
it was a happy accident that i paired these two colors together over the weekend and fell in love with the combo!

take a look at the two colors side by side...

01. nail polish / 02. lavender hair / 03. shirtdress / 04. typewriter / 05. crossbody bag
 06. flower crown / 07. chair / 08. green tea ice cream / 09. flats

this whole thing prompted me to look through my belongings to see what other colors i'm drawn to.
turns out,
i'm pretty drawn to red
(which looks amazing with the color combo above. just sayin'.).

challenge issued:
is there a color you are subconsciously drawn to?



  1. haha i HONESTLY thought about how i noticed you had worn that green color recently and thought that it must be your favorite color. i'll have to think about that. i'm really attracted to the color of plants.

  2. Ahh I love them. And the pink, too. And I don't like pink. But it's glorious. I always wear black and blue. Always.

  3. pretty! for me it's purple. it's always popping up lately and I don't even know whyyyyy


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