Monday, April 8, 2013

a year for every hour of the day.

so, i turned 24 last week.
it's rather odd, as it doesn't feel like i thought it would when i was, say, 12.
which is half my age
and makes me feel old.

the days leading up to my birthday were hard
and my birthday is always hard.
i couldn't tell ya why.
it just is!

i'm lucky to have people in my life who are so very patient
and who send me texts like
and who leave little notes on my car
even though i'm difficult on my birthday
and i say things like "i have no frieeeends" and "why am i getting so ooooold"
and other pathetic things like that.

i know i've mentioned this before,
but my people are the sweetest and most loving people in the world
and i cannot believe i'm attached to them!!!

my birthday...

let's explore it through pictures:


[my sweet sister + mama decorated the place with pom poms & ranunculus flowers!]


[aren't ranunculus flowers the prettiest? that + poppies. HEAVEN ON EARTH!]


[my sister suggested a hole-in-the-wall burger place for dinner]


[we took it back to my dad's office and ate in the conference room after hours]


[probably the best burgers we have ever had, like, ever]


[we visited my new favorite chocolate place in SLC and had their amazing vegan truffles!]


[my sister also decorated everything with little gold hearts. i love her]


[i am a little tired of birthday cake, so i wanted waffles + ice cream. nothing is better!]

life is just so imperfect
and sometimes so humble and quiet
and other times it is so loud
but not all moments are meant for applause.
some moments are reverent or meaningful in a different way.

that's how life is and that's how it's gonna stay
and i'm gonna love it
even when i feel all down on my own life and its shortcomings.
it's still my life
and it's still a beautiful one.

i still can't believe i'm 24!!!
i think i will always be 19 on the inside.
that's okay, right?

p.s. birthdays make me go all introspective. see last year. and the year before. and man do i look different or what?



  1. lovely photos! athe waffles looks super delicious :D

  2. but seriously ayley, you are so freakin pretty. have i told you how much i love love loooooove your hair? okay, tell me where that burger joint is NOW. i love cheeseburgers.

  3. uh... so i think i need to know where this burger place is AND this chocolate place! oh, and waffles instead of cake?? you are a genius!

    p.s- i nominated your lovely blog for the liebster award :) it is an award for blogs with a smaller community. for more info just head on over to my blog!

  4. it just never feels like you thought it would.


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