Tuesday, April 2, 2013

i'm inside your mouth now, peeking over your molars.


i had a dream last night
that i was a very tiny human being
and i sat in the mouths of people as they went about their daily life.

i sat right behind your teeth,
curled up on your tongue
and listened to all the things you said
and drowned in everything you ate.

for some reason in this dream,
what happened in your mouth showed your character.

like, people lied.
a lot.

a lot of people only ate carrots.
some didn't eat at all.

some people ate mcdonald's
and chomped on their food
while talking
and gave me a headache.

the things you would say would make your teeth rattle.
i'm talkin'
side to side quaking...
mostly when you'd say something you really didn't mean.

i'd sit and look at all your gold teeth
or your cavities
and listen to you say your hellos and goodbyes
or i love yous
or get away from mes

and i just marvelled at how much you can find out about a person by sitting in their mouth
and how much i loved people
even when they lied through their teeth.

that rattling, though.
that was scary for a girl of my size.
and i prayed that you stop your lying
so i could admire you as you were.

i love people
and their mouths
and everything that happens in them.



  1. this is the most amazing post. seriously! your brain! how did you dream this? this is incredible. i feel like this is copied from someone famous in history. i am printing this out and framing it on my wall. it is so beautiful.

  2. You should write a collection of essays of all your dreams. This is beautiful, and Kelli is right, completely wall worthy. This reminded me of Dallas Clayton, do you know him? he wrote my all time favorite children's book "An Awesome Book". It is about dreaming big and I know you would love love love it. Also look at his website, http://dallasclayton.com I know you'd love his art. I love you so much Ayley, you are so inspiring. Truly.

  3. haha how funny that sara left that comment!

  4. Ayley? Ayley. Kelli read this post to me the other day and I was in awe. I just want a little animation with a voice over to be created of this. It's beautiful. You've got a good noggin.


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