Saturday, December 15, 2012


i got this from my sister this afternoon
and i didn't know how to answer right away.

i've been very, very affected by the tragedy this weekend. 
so much so that i am hardly able to function. 

it feels so wrong of me to feel this way
because it didn't happen to me. 
it's almost selfish of me to feel this pain when so many are directly affected and feel so much more.

but i feel it. 
it's there. 
it's so difficult. 
i mean... just writhing in pain. 

i don't need to understand anything.
no one ever will.

but i have my answer to my sister's question.

there is more good in this world. 

sometimes Evil just shouts over all else,
so much louder
and it demands to be seen

but then it runs out of breath
and Good keeps humming its tune...
it's steady, beautiful, constant tune.

and when Evil shouts,
Good is there to soothe.
every time.

you just have to look for it.

what a powerful thought.



  1. this was great. and thank you for sharing that quote at the end. i hope to teach my children that one day.

  2. I definitely agree!! Especially since the media focuses so much on the bad and evil, we forget all of the good that is taking place, especially all of the good that gets lost in the midst of something evil. Also, I don't think you should feel selfish about your feelings, it shows you have a good heart!

  3. The same question was once posed in a class I attended. Evil is not a thing, it can be measured, touched or controlled. Much like with heat, cold is the absence of heat. So with good and evil it is the same thing. Evil is a lack of good and can only be present in the sense of mockery. Every bad, or evil thing in this world is a mockery of good, and inherently something that god has blessed us with. When there is no love present we will only find hate. No charity we find greed.

  4. good/bad=light/dark

    it doesn't matter if there is more dark or more light because light overcomes the dark, always. so what good is here, shines bounteously. and i ponder that question all the time.


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