Saturday, December 8, 2012

emotional swinging and why.

remember this?
well... i think i figured it out.

i have been experiencing bouts of sadness
because i'm not the happiest with what is going on around me.
i mean... i sort of hate the way things are going right now.
and i'm experiencing intense happiness
because i'm extremely pleased with who i am lately.
and... i'm just learning so much about myself and i like what i am finding.

rollercoasters, eh?

so strange and so new...

i'd rather just be happy all around,
so i'm making some environmental changes.

has anyone ever experienced this?
it's rather peculiar.

i'm just relieved i got to the bottom of things!

sharing just... you know...
in case you were wondering.

and p.s.
i'm addicted to TEDTalks. probably the healthiest addiction i've ever had.
watch this if you haven't already.
it changed my perspective on so many things.


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  1. I think I understand what you are talking about! Lately I guess I have been discovering myself, and I like who I have become. Everything else around me just seems like a mess, and I am just trying to find that balance of happiness in myself, and the things around me. Probably doesn't make much sense. Haha but I love this, so thank you!


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