Monday, November 19, 2012

hanging tight.

i needed to feel a little better about things in life right now,
so i pulled out this photo of a time when i was blissfully happy:
we were walking the streets in dc a few weeks ago, just about ready to get on the metro
when adam spotted a street vendor selling roses
and without a word
stopped and got some for me
to match my lipstick.
i. was so. happy.
i wish i still had them. 

i have so many things to say,
so many pictures to share...

but i'm still playing catch up and dealing with some heavy stuff right now.
just know that i'd rather be on my computer reminiscing and looking at my dc pictures & video,
but priorities, right?

and i'm realizing just how quickly time flies... it's crazy!
i mean... it's thanksgiving in a few short days!
and the lights are being strung on the trees at the park just outside this library window
and christmas can officially be celebrated this week.

i just want to go back in time and stay in a few moments before things got this crazy
but... hey!
life is still pretty good even when it sucks.



  1. this is what i'm thinking. i love your honesty. the truth that comes out in your words. your positivism despite the suckfest life can sometimes be. ayley, i just like and appreciate everything about you. thank you for being who you are. thank you

  2. Oh that is the sweetest thing ever!! Maybe one day I'll have a special someone to buy me roses to match my lipstick. :)
    Hang in there! Things will get better!
    Love your blog, btw!!

  3. I love this post. I can relate to that moment when you wish you could just go back to that happy place. But like you said, "life is still pretty good even when it sucks". The picture and the story behind it is beautiful. You should frame the picture. It truly is beautiful.


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