Saturday, November 17, 2012

some great advice i've received lately.

i'm having quite the difficult time lately,
and my dear friend mags, being the sweetheart she is, emailed me saying,
"let me help! i'm a fixer!"

and fix it, she has.

so if you need to "get through" anything,
or feel overwhelmed,
or just plain down...

make a list of everything you have to do (and want to do!)...
from moving your furniture around, organizing all your jewelry, finally getting new tires...
to little things you want to do for yourself like shave your legs or wash your hair,
and start crossing things off.

seeing those things on paper
(like taking a shower and fixing a zipper on an old jacket or painting my nails)
and crossing those babies off that list
have me feeling so much more fulfilled.

it's those little things that really up your sense of accomplishment
because it's a priority to take care of yourself, right?

so here are a few things i'm planning on crossing off soon:

- get my rings polished
- finish painting the dresser
- deep condition my hair
- get a new car (ummm like really soon!)
- write in my for-real, paper-paged journal
- get some pictures printed out and framed
- take bruno for a reeeally long walk
- buy a new toothbrush
- finally wear that dress i bought three months ago...
- finish at least three solos for my students by the end of the year.

i'm just feeling really efficient.
it's sooo nice.
i'm really looking forward to seeing those bad boys with lines through them!

see? it's good advice.
i love my mags.


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  1. i hope that dress you've been meaning to wear was the dashing red one you sported last night because girl you looked good. i know the feeling of getting behind and nothing beats knocking things off your list one at a time! here's to a new week!


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