Tuesday, December 20, 2011

seventeen days, five hours, two thousand miles

so this guy is leaving
until january fifth.

you read that right...

christmas & new years!

sometimes i forget that i have to share him with his family in DC.
and he hasn't seen them in over one year
so it's only fair,
and i'm SO happy that he gets to go visit them for so long
and at such a wonderful time of year!
it's really been too long.

but still i want to cry every second of every day thinking about all those days where he won't be in my immediate reach.
i can't let myself think about it for too long or else...
to top it all off... he's switching from att to verizon and it won't be final until after he's left...
so, you guessed it,
no cell phone while he's away.
plus his laptop is broken.
so no skype.
so, yeah, um, like no communication unless he can borrow a phone or send a postcard!

seventeen days is over half a month!
buuuut it's so short compared to what other kids have had to endure,
but just let me be a baby about this...

because seventeen days is SO LONG!

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  1. oh lady, you two are so adorable. you can make it, just think of how marvelous that reunion will be!! may the force be with you.


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