Tuesday, December 20, 2011

date #8

the christmas season wouldn't be complete
without a trip to temple square!

we started the night off with a sushi date...
my "hermione" face
and took the loooong way downtown to look at pretty houses & pretty lights
while singing some christmas carols
{okay.... that part was mostly me}.

temple square is so magical.
i wish i took more pictures of the pretty lights!
we were a little distracted by a couple that we totally thought was going to get engaged,
by kids running around and bumping into us,
by trying to find our way around the square,
by thinking that my car was going to get towed,
by meeting new friends
& sitting in silence, gazing at the lovely nativity.

my favorite part of the night was spending time in the north visitors center
{after they shut the lights out to close it down & everyone left! shh!}.
it was so quiet and so peaceful... such a contrast from the hustle and bustle of the season.
we walked around on the main floor and looked at all the huge paintings of Christ on the walls,
pointing out what we liked about each one.
we both put ourselves in each painting
describing the way that we would be reacting, the way we would look, the way the artist would paint us if we were in that moment.
there was a moment where we just stood there,
looking at angels prophesying of Christ's return to a humble group of people,
and adam subtly pulled me in just that much closer,
and we just stood and stared {until we were asked to leave...}.
it was magical.

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