Friday, December 23, 2011

date #9

though adam is gone,
we still have a few dates to report from before he left!

we spent an awesome evening
building an awesome blanket fort,
chatting about our first crushes, first kisses, first dates,
& watching a movie.

sometimes the best thing to do
is just cozy up and love each other.

we are so lucky to be human beings!
to have the ability to love & be loved
is such a blessing.


adam has been getting on me about how i take pictures of every event, of everything we eat, of each time we hang out,
saying he just wants more "us" time & less posing time.
boys, right?

so i am finding that i have less pictures of things we do lately.
and i'm sad about that.

so adam...
you're just gonna have to get over it! :)

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  1. ayley. you and adam win at life. i love the things you do together and i love the love you two have for each other. this is one amazing date. you two have some major fort building skills.


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