Tuesday, November 12, 2013

some more of portland!

here are some more snapshots of that beautiful oregon city!
adam & i are juggling a few sim cards so it's taking us a while to get all of our pictures uploaded these days. i only need one sim card, i don't know why i keep buying them. but i digress...

we ate some breakfast at pine state biscuits before meeting up with my girl ashley,
a girl who is sweeter than she looks
which, you know, you can imagine.
she's also something of a knitting queen and you can check out her etsy shop here.

ashley took us around alberta street
showing us all the cool little shops and stops that littered the blocks.
we ate the most amazing ice cream at salt & straw (i might still dream about adam's cheese + apple ice cream cone...)
and just soaked up the general charm of everything alberta street was.
good call, ashley. good call.

[adam thought it was the funniest thing that a housewares store offered him tea upon entering and requested i take a picture of him being swanky, so i obliged.]
[my husband also cannot see a cat without petting it. he's also holding a leaf he found. he's twelve some days and i adore it.]
[i missed dance. a lot. a lot a lot. so that's what i did for 10 seconds while we strolled. ]
i have one more post of oregon pictures (hooray!)
but here are other portland posts to feast on, if you missed them,
but you probably didn't because i just can't seem to stop talking about that city.
we looooved portland, can you tell?


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  1. This is simply spectacular! I love it all. Just keep it coming. Random dance moments and all. Yay Portland!


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